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Walking up the Mountain Track

‘A true milestone to awaken our consciousness.’
Christa Ludwig

‘A wonderful and precious book.’ Hélène Grimaud
‘An ingenious work, an eye-opening reminder of what is truly important. A real bible for any musician.’ Alexander Gavrylyuk
‘A truly fantastic and fascinating book, full of deep insights. A Warmest BRAVO!!!’ Nelson Goerner
‘Enlightening. A must for any musicians bookshelf.’ Stuart Isacoff
‘Deep and enriching.’ Roberto Prosseda
‘A must read for all those interested in the mysteries of top quality music-making.’ Malcolm Singer
‘This is a book that reminds us to be souls...’ Andrè Gallo

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Order your copy there. Also available from bookshops, amazon, (England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain) Bol (The Netherlands and Belgium), etc. 

First reviews: 

'Het boek staat vol van prachtige en leerzame anekdotes. Veel in dit rijke en leerzame boek zet de gedachten op scherp.'
Erik Voermans, Het Parool, 25-11-2017

'Walking up the Mountain Track heeft de potentie een internationale bestseller te worden. Een document om te lezen en herlezen.'
Christo Lelie, EPTA Piano Bulletin, 11-12-2017

' intriguing as it is inspirational.'
Murray McLachlan, EPTA Piano Journal, 11-12-2017

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Parool recensie Walking up the Mountain Track 25 11 2017